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About Riccardi Travel

At Riccardi Travel, our small team of expert guides is dedicated to delivering exceptional Day Tours from Lucerne and Multi-Day Tours in Switzerland. Below, meet our owner and founder, Roberto Riccardi.

Ciao! I’m Roberto Riccardi, and I’m half Swiss, half Italian. I grew up in a small village called Steinhausen and pursued a career in tourism and hospitality management. After working in various positions for companies in Mexico, Australia, and Switzerland, I decided to start my own business.

Growing up in a little village in Switzerland was fun. Without Instagram and Facebook, we spent our days racing up hills with neighborhood kids, hiking on weekends, making fires in the forest, playing football outside until late, and getting into the usual trouble that comes with being a kid.

School wasn’t my favorite place, so after finishing secondary school, I began my career with an apprenticeship as a car mechanic. Over the years, I’ve had many jobs—from bartending at a ski resort in the Swiss Alps and working in construction during summer to escaping the Swiss winter and traveling through South America.

To combine my love for study, travel, and work, I pursued a career in the hospitality industry, living and working in Mexico and Australia. After earning my degree, I moved to Lucerne in 2018 to manage one of the town’s most popular cocktail bars and nightclubs. A year later, I took a leap and started my own company.

In 2019, I launched my bike tours, offering hidden gem tours with unique electric bikes from Denmark. After the pandemic in 2022, I expanded my vision to offer tours not just in Lucerne but all over Switzerland, and thus, Riccardi Travel was born.

I believe that enduring hard times leads to a brighter future, fostering greater appreciation, enjoyment, and gratitude. One day, we open our backpacks and realize that the struggles we faced make more sense in hindsight. So, always look forward, make the best of every situation, and enjoy the ride.

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