What are Some Good Things to Do in Lucerne, Switzerland?

The city of Lucerne may seem small, but it is teeming with history, culture, and delectable eateries. Situated on the banks of Lake Lucerne and flanked by towering mountains, it’s also one of the most picturesque destinations in all of Switzerland, and perhaps Europe!

You may be asking, “What are some good things to do in Lucerne?” We think a better question is, “Where to start?” At Riccardi Travel, we specialise in Switzerland day tours with many of our excursions visiting Lucerne. We know this city like the back of our hand and have countless suggestions for things to do in Lucerne. 

Keep reading for our guide to the city, or feel free to contact us for more information on our Swiss tours.  

Colorful sunset over the chapel bridge and mount pilatus reflecting in the calm waters of lake lucerne, switzerland.

Explore Lucerne’s Old Town

Few places are as charming as Lucerne’s Old Town. With medieval buildings lining tranquil waters, swans swimming beneath wooden bridges, and fresco-painted facades adorning the streets, you may feel as though you have stepped inside a dream. 

One of the most iconic attractions in the Old Town is the Chapel Bridge, which spans the Reuss river and dates back to 1333. This footbridge is decorated with paintings from the 17th century and is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the world. Down the river, the Spreuerbrücke is similarly designed and equally captivating, if not quieter from fewer crowds.

A scenic view of Lucerne's historic covered bridge with flowers, leading over a river flanked by buildings with outdoor cafes and a church spire in the background, under a clear blue sky. Among the many things to do in Switzerland, this charming sight is not to be missed.

Climb Lucerne’s Old City Walls

Step back in time on Lucerne’s old city walls, the Museggmauer. Built in the 13th century, these walls served to defend the city, with towers lining the fortifications. Spanning 800 meters and with towers standing up to 28 meters tall, you can climb some of the towers for views of the city and insight into medieval times. The Mueseggmauer today is also known for supporting a range of wildlife, including birds, insects, and specialized flora. 

Cruise on Lake Lucerne

For a true sense of Lucerne’s beauty, there’s nothing quite like taking a cruise on Lake Lucerne. Sail along the blue waters while admiring Mount Pilatus and Mount Rigi, soaking up the tranquil atmosphere. One of the most popular tours on the lake is a cruise on a classic steamboat, known as the Stadt Luzern. While a boat tour is ideal on a summer’s day, and particularly at sunset, you can also keep yourself warm in the ship’s saloon during winter while admiring the snow on the mountains. 

Group of tourists enjoying drinks on a boat with a scenic mountain and lake backdrop.

Savor Lucerne’s Cuisine

Switzerland’s culinary scene is world-renowned and is influenced by French, German, and Italian cuisine. The country is most notable for two particular specialities – cheese and chocolate. Central Switzerland is known for the cheese variety Sbrinz, and in Lucerne, you can visit the Sbrinz warehouse for a tour. 

You’ll also find an array of chocolate shops in Lucerne, each serving up the most delectable treats you can imagine. Hop from shop to shop and take your pick of dessert, letting each chocolate creation melt in your mouth. 

For a gastronomic journey in the city, why not join our Lucerne City Food Tour on an Electric Rickshaw? During this tour, you’ll visit the oldest chocolate shop in Lucerne, taste a range of cheese, and also sip on some Swiss wine!

Admire the Lion Monument

Just outside Lucerne Old Town is the famous Lion Monument, carved into a rock wall. The monument was created in the 1820s to commemorate the loss of Swiss Guards during the French Revolution and has remained a moving landmark ever since. Depicting a dying lion, the monument divided political opinion upon its creation. However, its enduring beauty and remarkable history continue to beckon locals and tourists alike. 

Riccardi Travel A stone carving of a lion resting in a niche is etched into a cliffside above a reflective pond, surrounded by greenery—a must-see when exploring Lucerne, Switzerland.

Visit the Swiss Museum of Transport

While unlike many of Lucerne’s ancient charms, the Swiss Museum of Transport is one of the city’s most popular attractions. The museum houses an incredible collection of 3,000 examples of cars, trains, ships, and airplanes. Providing a fascinating journey through the history and development of transportation, the museum is a hit with kids and the young at heart. 

If cars aren’t up your alley, the museum is also home to Switzerland’s largest planetarium, a film theater, and the Swiss Chocolate Adventure. The Swiss Museum of Transport is the most visited museum in Switzerland, and you’ll certainly see why when you visit!

For even more ideas on what to do in the city, read our blog on How to Spend Three Days in Lucerne, Switzerland

Summit Mount Pilatus and Mount Rigi

While Lucerne is beautiful to explore on street level, you’ll certainly want to experience views of it from atop Mount Pilatus and Mount Rigi. These two mountains stand nearly across from each other on either side of Lake Lucerne, both providing panoramic vistas.

Luckily, you don’t have to climb either to reach the summit. Both are accessible by cogwheel train, and the train up Mount Pilatus is in fact the steepest in the world! You can dine at restaurants on the mountains, enjoying scenes you’ll seldom see at your normal eatery. 

You can explore either of these mountains as well as Lucerne with our Mount Pilatus and Lucerne Tour or Mount Rigi and Lucerne City Day Tour, allowing you to enjoy the experience without having to worry about any of the admin!

Aerial view of a mountainous landscape with a cable car approaching a station, overlooking a scenic lake and surrounding towns.
Mount Pilatus Riccardi Travel

Discover More of Lucerne with Riccardi Travel

We hope this blog has inspired you to come and experience all the wonderful things Lucerne has to offer! Even more awaits your journey, including road trips to neighboring towns and discoveries of hidden gems. Riccardi Travel is available to help you design your own Customized Switzerland Tour ensuring you can explore Lucerne and its surrounds as you please! If you have any questions about our offerings, feel free to get in touch. We can’t wait to meet you!

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